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Good Gifts — October 10, 2017

Good Gifts

Ok!  This one I have been wanting to write for a while and today sealed the deal.

About a month ago it was my Birthday.  I turned 27!  I don’t like planning what I am going to do for my Birthday.  I think it’s too much pressure and I don’t like the attention.  But, every year when it gets close to my Birthday my sisters and my mom ask me what I want to do?

This year, I decided to go to a beautiful new winery by my house.  I have wanted to go there and I decided I would want my sisters, and my cousin to go with me and we could enjoy a glass of wine and a cheese and meat tray.

I got all dressed up with my cousin and we drove to the winery.  It was beautiful!  We sat outside and had a wonderful time talking.  Towards the end of our lovely evening the waitress came to my table and told me that someone gifted me with a bottle of my choice of wine to take home.  I was shocked!  I was like, “Who would do that!?”  I thought about it for a little while and then she said that the person came in this morning and wanted it to be a surprise.  I got all giddy and excited!  I love surprises when I don’t know they are going to happen.  My sisters figured it out and they responded with Awe’s..  and that’s so sweets!…  I then asked the waitress, “Was it my dad?”!  She hesitated and then said, “yes it was.  He was very sweet.”  I melted.  I guess because it was so unexpected for me and from my dad it was so special.  Immediately the verse popped into my head, Matthew 7:9-11, Which of you, if his son asks for bread, will give him a stone? 10Or if he asks for a fish, will give him a snake? 11So if you who are evil know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good things to those who ask Him!…

Well, that night for my Birthday the one thing I wanted to do was buy everyone a little journal and write down our greatest dreams and desires and then to pray over them.  Right after I got the bottle of wine, a good gift, we did this prophetic act.  After we wrote in the journals I asked my family, “Do you believe in a miracle working God?”  They all responded, “Yes!”  Then I asked, “Do you believe that God is good no matter what?”  And they responded, “Yes!”  Then we prayed over the journals and headed home.  How much more will your Father in heaven give good things to those who ask Him!…

I have a hard time dreaming sometimes because I don’t want to be let down.  But that really isn’t faith.  I want faith that can move mountains.

So what compelled me to write this blog tonight?  Let me tell you… Today I had to go home to get a nose ring because mine fell out.  Annoying!  I decided to make a cup of decaf coffee for my drive back.  I looked for the decaf coffee but couldn’t find it.  Immediately my dad jumped up trying to look for it. He was looking for a while.  I thought it was so sweet that he cared that I had it!  I told him that it was ok and that maybe we were out of it and then I left.

I got a text that evening from my dad asking if I was at Lighthouse (where I work) and I told him I was and asked him what was up.  He said, “No biggie.”  A few minutes later I saw him walking in all smiles.  He handed me a bag of decaf keurig coffees.  He went and bought me coffee and then dropped it off at my work.  How sweet is that?  Again, it reminded me of how much more will your Father in heaven give good things to those who ask Him!…

I am blessed with a good Father… He never really tells me I’m beautiful or is very affectionate, but he has always been there for anything or time I have needed him.  He is always serving me and our family, and he is always aware of our needs.

Lately my dad has been giving me very good gifts.  It’s been surprising to me.  One of my top love languages is gifts.  Part of me wishes it wasn’t because it’s just things, but oh well that’s the way I am.  When my dad came in to my work today and did that for me, I felt valued, loved, cared for, paid attention to and so much more.  There are things that I want and God knows my tender heart and my utmost desires.  God has worked through my dad in the last few weeks to show me earthly fatherly love but also heavenly fatherly love.  Crap happens, but God is good and he has good things for those who love him.  1 Cor. 2:9 “What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived” — the things God has prepared for those who love him–

I have been trying to delight myself in the Lord.  He is and truly will give me the desires of my heart.  Psalm 37:4.  As I am writing this it feels so selfish.  But, this is what God is teaching me and he wants to bless us and cares about our desires.

Lately the Lord has been talking to me about dreaming, hoping, and my value.  No love compares to Christ’s love for me.  I need His love ultimately in my life.

God has good gifts for you.  Receive them and let him love on you either through Himself or others.  Even when it hurts.


“Media Time” — October 8, 2017

“Media Time”

Ok, so the other day I went to my friend Amanda’s house to have lunch and then cut her and her kids hair.  I have always admired the way she parents.  She is very consistent in discipline but yet very loving.  She teaches her kids a lot scripture and I remember one time her 6 year old was reciting to me the whole chapter of Proverbs 31.  I thought that was pretty amazing and I also thought, I want to do that with my kids!

Well, she was talking to me about how she works nights for her nursing job a couple nights a week and I asked her how she does it.  She told me that sometimes she takes naps and the kids do some quiet activities.  She said that they don’t get a lot of media time but sometimes when she naps they can have a little.

Then when I was cutting her hair and I remembered the last time we had talked she told me that they were getting rid of Netflix and getting a hot tub as an investment for their marriage.  I asked her how having the hot tub had been.  She told me that it has been so good and almost every night her and her husband go in it.  She said instead of sitting and watching tv every night they talk with each other.

I thought this was cool too!  I definitaly like my “media time” and I love cozying up to watch my favorite shows and I like Instagram ect.  But, I also love simplifying and reading and focusing on whoever is around me and being intentional and creative.  The other night I didn’t watch any shows or anything, I got of my phone and just played the piano for a long time and then took a bath and went to bed.  It was so peaceful!

Today I was getting ready to go on a Birthday date with my brother and my two little nieces came over to my house.  They were playing in Gramma’s “play room” with barbies.  Immediately when they walked in the door they went in to imaginary play.  I heard them talking with their barbies back and forth as I curled my hair.  Then I heard my littlest niece RuthAnne whispering pretend play.  I heard her take the baby barbie and she was acting out crying to the mom barbie.  I heard them play for quite a while lost in imagination.  It felt so peaceful in our home.

I then thought to myself, “I love that!”  I love when kids can get lost in imagination and are not bored or constantly staring at a screen.  It would be so easy for me to turn on movies all day when I am a mom or let them play on my iPhone but I don’t want to do that.  I want media time to be special!!  I don’t mind it being a daily thing but just for a little part of the day!  I want my kids to play!!

I grew up playing a lot!  My mom was not afraid of dirt and I loved that.  We played a lot outside and inside, and had our special times to watch a movie, tv, computer or video games.

All that to say, I want a healthy balance but I do know, I love it when kids know how to PLAY!


Real — September 21, 2017


Ok, I haven’t written on here in a while but I have been writing more lately in my personal journal.  I am trying to figure out how real I want to be.

But, I’m gonna be a little real on here.  This morning I woke up so emotional.  I am not feeling well, I have a cold and feel nauseous.  I just started to cry because I am tired.  For the last few weeks I have been going non stop.  It’s all been super fun good stuff, but  I keep hearing the Lord say rest and to be still and know that He is God, but I haven’t been able to rest.  Going from thing to thing ect.

I don’t do well when I don’t have down time.  Well, this morning I obviously hit my breaking point.  Sometimes it just feels good to cry.  I had to cry.  I felt kind of stupid just sitting in my bed and crying but it’s also real.  Real life.  I got onto Spotify and searched for a song but didn’t know what and immediately the song Satisfy showed up by worship mob.  I started playing it and cried some more.  Just listening to the lyrics, Jesus knew exactly what I needed.  Sometimes there are things that can temporarliy satisfy me, but ultimately Jesus satisfies and He knows that.  When I don’t spend time with Him or go to other things, I am not satisfied.  I have been let down time and time again but I have also experienced so many amazing blessings.  No matter the highs and the lows, when I go to Christ, he does satisfy me, my heart, my soul.  Below are the lyrics of the song.  I love all the lyrics, but I love when it says, I feel your desperation, I see your raging war, NO I DON’T NEED PERFECTION, I just want your heart.  He just wants our hearts.  I want His heart.  That is my number one desire is to have His heart.

Lastly the end when it says, come rest awhile and you’ll find I satisfy.

Thank you Jesus.  I already feel better.  There is a lot I could panic/stress about.  But one day at a time and I am learning how to prioritize better 😉

come lay down your burdens
and I’ll become your peace
hold on to My promise
let fear and striving cease
seek and you will find Me
where faith and struggle meet

come rest
come rest in Me
I’m yours and you are Mine
come find I satisfy

I feel your desperation
I see your raging war
no I don’t need perfection
I just want your heart
I overcame your failures
now all I have is yours

come rest
come rest in Me
I’m yours and you are Mine
come find I satisfy

you have My
you have My heart
have courage I did your part
come closer look in My eyes
beloved I satisfy

come rest in Me and you will see
I’m all you need
come rest awhile and you will find I satisfy

The nations — June 10, 2016

The nations

The nations.  When I think about the nations or I talk about the nations, my heart is stirred.  I get passionate and I feel almost restless but in a good way.  Today I was floating in my pool and I started watching a Youtube video by Lindy Conant Circuit Riders from the Azusa Now Revival. The worship was powerful and then, a 20 year old girl got up and prayed.  You will just have to watch it for yourself.  I will attach it in this post.  But, I immediately started to ball.  My heart was obviously stirred and I was curious as to why I was crying so much.  I have been thinking about it all day.  A long time ago I felt the Lord tell me that I was called to the nation(s).  Not just one nation in particular but to the nations.  But, what I have wondered is what does that calling mean?  I have been to several different parts of the world… Africa, Israel, Europe, Brazil, Mexico, India, London, and more and I love the nations and the culture and the people so much.  One of my favorites has to be Africa.  I crave going to the nations and wonder if the Lord will reveal more of what it means to be called to the nations.  Does that mean do I pray for the nations, do I go to the nations?  I don’t know.  But there’s a stirring in my spirit today.  God loves His people and He wants them to be reached.  I was thinking about it and so many people need Jesus right here in my town!  I want to be a vessel for Him just sometimes I don’t know how.  But, one of the verses in one of the songs in this video says, “There’s a yes, in our hearts and it carries through eternity, simple obedience it changes history!”  That is so good!  Simple obedience, it changes history.  I want to be obedient to whatever He has me to do for His glory.  There is a yes in my heart and I want more!!!  Obviously feeling moved today and maybe this video will speak to your heart as well.  Lots of love and goodnight!

Ps. At 9:40 in the video is the prayer click here for the link 🙂

Beauty — September 19, 2015


Ok, ok, ok!

I haven’t written on here in quite a long time.  But, I am feeling the itch to write.  So, I’m gonna do it!  I had a thought today that I should seek beauty in my everyday life and pick one thing a day to write about and take a picture of it.  I may post the things I find beautiful on here everyday or I may not.  But, today I will!  Below is my story of a glimpse of beauty that I experienced today!

Tonight I was driving home and I saw this Sunset by Lake Loveland. I had to pull over and take a picture. Immediately I was thinking how can you not believe in God when you see this beautiful creation. When I got out of my car I wanted to say out loud, “Wow, God you’re amazing!” There was an older lady there and I said to her, “It’s beautiful?” She replied with, “Yes God is good isn’t he?!” We both took in the beauty and the glory of the Lord and then she offered to take a picture of me and I took a picture of her with the perfect background. 😊. A bunch of cars pulled over to see the glorious beauty that lasted only about five minutes. This morning I had decided I was going to pick something every day that was beautiful to me and write about and take a picture of it so I brought my camera. This definitely was beauty in perfection.


BRAZIL// — July 4, 2014


IMG_3887IMG_3858 IMG_3867 IMG_3865

In June I went to Africa, not knowing I would be going to Rio de Janerio, Brazil a year later. I had heard that there was going to be a trip going and I prayed and heard the Lord say, if you want to go, then go!

I am so glad I went. I saw God move in powerful ways. When we went I was wanting God to show me who to talk to out of the masses of people. I wanted Devine appointments. Every morning we would meet as a team and Pastor Kurt (our leader) felt lead to ask God for specifics and “clues” to help us. We asked God for appearances, places, names, and random things. We would share with each other what God had said to us. Some of the things that we got were as random as stars, top hat, running man, George, balloons ect. We watched God use so many of the clues to help us and I was absolutely in awe at what God did. There are so many stories.

I have such a heart for the nations and sharing the love of God with people. I learned that more and more on this trip and I hope God opens up doors for me to travel some more.

If you want to hear some of the stories, lets get coffee 🙂


IMG_3831 IMG_3985


Color Vibe — May 31, 2014

Color Vibe



Today, two of my friends and I ran a race called the Color Vibe.  It was a 5K and it was FILLED with color.  Good friends are the best, I tell you what.  I try to pick good ones 😉  My friends are full of adventure and are always up for doing fun, random things.  I’m thankful for them because life is more fun because of them.  Life is so short and I want my life to be fun, to do random, thrilling things?  Don’t you?!?!



No wonder why Jesus loves kids! — November 1, 2013

No wonder why Jesus loves kids!

I am blessed to have an amazing family and one with many children!  I have 3 siblings, a brother and two sisters.  My sisters are married and one of them has 6 children and the other has one and one due in a month!  My oldest sister with her 6 children live right up the street from us.  The other night my niece Emmy (11) came over and we had an aunty, niece night.  It was so special and so fun.  We jumped on the trampoline, made dinner and banana bread, painted our nails and watched Elf!  It was cool to see her growing up and just spending time with her.

Earlier that day, my niece Jael (2) was over at our house and she didn’t take a nap and my mom asked if she could try to take a nap with me in my room.  I said that was fine and she crawled in bed with me.  She started getting wiggly and I knew the chances were low that she would not fall asleep and so I asked her if she would like to watch Curious George and of course she did.  She cuddled in my arms as I held my iphone up and we watched her little show.  As we were watching  Jael reached up and put her hand on my face and started stroking my face and she continued to do so for about half of the show.  I was frozen and just taking it in.  How sweet it was just to have that moment.

Later that night I was thinking how fun it was spending time with my nieces and the Lord said to me, “That’s how I feel when you spend time with me.  I LOVE it and I take it all in.  It was so special and I just wanted to share!

Kids are awesome!

IMG_3265 IMG_3307 IMG_3422

It’s The Little Things… —

It’s The Little Things…

So blessed lately in this season of Fall.  Things are changing and my heart is content.  Lately I have been noticing little things that have made life so beautiful.  I don’t even really know why but I have just been taking in the little things and it really makes me realize how beautiful life is.  I was at work the other day and it was foggy and cold.  On my lunch break I went and got a coffee and on my way back I just had a moment of pure bliss.  Enjoying the cozy weather, wearing my boots and scarf and a coffee in hand.  So great!  It’s those little blessings that make my heart happy.  Or just observing people.  How unique everyone is.  I love watching people and who they are and their personalities.  Sometimes people get so worked up and overwhelmed and I think we need to chill out a little bit and simply enjoy life.  I went on a trip to Redding, CA to a church called Bethel, a couple of weeks ago and I was in their prayer room and I heard the Lord say, “Your life may not be easy but I want you to just have fun.”  God wants me to have fun and enjoy my life!  That’s so great and it puts me at ease and makes me just relax.  The kingdom of heaven is righteousness, peace, and joy.  I want to walk/live in that. Even right now I am overwhelmed at the peace of God.  It’s so good and we can live in it everyday.  Anyways, it’s been fun taking in the simplest things and all of it’s beauty.  Selah

IMG_3258 IMG_3272

Africa — June 20, 2013


So, I just got back from a trip to Mozambique and Kenya Africa.  It was amazing.  I learned a lot.  One of the coolest things we were able to be a part of was that we helped serve food to thousands of kids on a day called children’s day.  It was cool because I had no idea that we were going to be there during this day.  The children got rice, chicken, a coke and a sucker.  They only get this kind of food twice a year and we got to be a part of it for one of the times.  So amazing.  Well, as we were getting the kids lined up, I looked and saw a girl that looked like one of my best friends growing up.  Well, sure enough it was her.  Can you believe that?  We connected and embraced and was in awe that God would reunite us at such an amazing place in time.  All the way across the world!! So cool.  We also went on a trip to Africa together when we were 15.  That was so special to me and the Lord was saying, “Hannah I am a big God and look what I did for you.”  So special.  


Throughout our time there we got to minister to many children and we also got to minister at a pastors conference.  It was such an honor to be able to bless and pour into Pastors in Africa.  And really, they poured into me!  

I realized more and more that I have a heart for the nations and I want to go as much as I can!  ImageImageImageImage